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Bidets: A Modern Interpretation

Bathroom habits are so culturally ingrained that it’s hard to imagine there are other ways to manage using the toilet. It’s likely only when we visit other homes, or countries,…

types of toilets

8 Types Of Toilets To Get The Job Done

Humans have, since the dawn of time, been forced to manage their waste. Common folklore says that Thomas Crapper invented the toilet but, although Mr. Crapper did contribute significantly to…

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can you flush tampons down the toilet

Can You Flush Tampons Down The Toilet?

Can you flush tampons down the toilet? It comes down to convenience vs plumbing disaster. I know, it’s easy. The toilet is right there. It’s messy/inconvenient/weird to wrap it up…

can you flush q-tips

Can You Flush Q-Tips?

Q-Tips are used for everything from applying makeup to arts-and-crafts; but mostly they’re used for cleaning ear-holes (despite claims from the Q-Tip brand that you most definitely shouldn’t use them…