Can You Use Drano In A Toilet??

can you pour drano down the toilet

Arrghhh! The toilet is clogged again! If this is a regular occurrence in your home you might be tempted to forgo the plunger and pour Drano in there to clear the clog instead. Hold on though! Do you know if this is safe for your toilet and pipes? Can you use Drano in a toilet? … Read more

How To Disassemble A Price Pfister Bathroom Faucet

how to disassemble a price pfister bathroom faucetove a Kohler bathroom faucet

One of life’s irrefutable truths is that nothing lasts forever. Not even a Price Pfister faucet. Price Pfister has more than a century of excellence and elegance in the art of faucet design and execution to their name. Now known simply as Pfister (having dropped the Price part of the name in 2010), the quality … Read more

How To Paint A Toilet Seat

how to paint a toilet seat

There’s no doubt that a toilet seat sees a lot of wear and tear; especially if you are limited to one bathroom in your home. Constant use, plus regular cleaning with harsh cleaning products, can lead to the paint on the toilet seat wearing off making the toilet seat look worn and dirty – which … Read more

How To Fix A Slow Flushing Toilet

best plunger for toilet

Other than a complete clog, I don’t think there is a more annoying toilet problem than a slow flushing toilet. Anxiety (and frustration) rises every time that flush handle is pressed and the water level doesn’t go down. Luckily, there are some pretty straight-forward reasons this might be happening and we have 8 tips on … Read more