Automatic Flushers For Toilets: Hands-Free Flushing Convenience

The place most of us would encounter a hands free toilet flusher is in public washrooms. It’s a welcome convenience – no-one wants to touch a public toilet! But did you know you can get automatic flushers for toilets in your home too? We have seen automatic flushers for toilets in public toilets for many years and, with the recent advent of technology, so-called ‘smart toilets‘ have this feature too; but it’s now also possible to install an automatic toilet flusher for home onto your existing toilet. Hands-free flushing convenience in your own home.

Automatic Flushers For Toilets

Automatic flushers for toilets are the perfect addition to home bathrooms. They bring a modern element to a traditional fixture, are relatively easy to install, and offer hands-free flushing convenience.

FlushMinder Automatic Dual-Flush System

Things to Like:

  • Converts single flush toilets to automatic dual flush function
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Excellent on-line support available

This automatic toilet flushing system not only detects that a user has left the toilet, it also determines how long the user was on the toilet for, and then adjusts the flush accordingly. A short time frame produces a half-flush; a long time frame produces a full flush.

This is a DIY automatic toilet flusher; installation instructions are included, along with excellent on-line support should you run into trouble. It’s a great system that will upgrade your toilet experience with minimal effort.

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Techo Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

Things to Like:

  • Hands-free flushing with manual flush available for backup
  • Step-by-step installation instructions available
  • Motion sensor activated

This motion sensor toilet flusher reduces phantom flushing by placing the user in control of the flushing action. Rather than the sensor detecting that the user has left the toilet, the user instead ‘waves’ a hand over a sensor to activate the flushing mechanism. This allows a hands-free activation without the concern of the toilet flushing before the user is ready.

This is a true DIY project; full step by step instructions are available on the purchase page. It’s a straight-forward process that shouldn’t take too long to get done.

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Why Should I Install An Automatic Toilet Flusher?

Besides the sheer convenience of not having to do one of the tasks that you’ve done 1000’s and 1000’s of times already, there are a number of reasons why having an automatic toilet flusher is a good idea.

  • Better hygiene. Just as not touching the toilet in a public washroom is more hygienic, not touching the toilet at home is also more hygienic. Of course your toilet at home is cleaner than a public toilet but it still is a source of contamination, and the toilet handle is one of the dirtiest parts. It stands to reason then, that if you can avoid touching it your bathroom hygiene will be better.
  • No more ‘I forgot to flush!’. Anyone with young children knows that once toilet training is done getting them to flush is the next most difficult task. Automatic flushers for toilets eliminates this problem. No more walking into the bathroom to an unfriendly and smelly welcome.
  • Elderly family members, or those with limited mobility. Bending over the toilet and reaching for the toilet handle may be difficult for family members with limited mobility. A hands free toilet flusher can make using the bathroom a little bit easier.
  • Toilet trained cats. Is your cat toilet trained? I bet she can’t flush the toilet though! 🙂 Installing an automatic flusher will mean that she can use the toilet all day and you won’t have to come home to a smelly toilet. Once she gets used to it she’ll be a fully toilet trained kitty.

How Do Automatic Toilet Flushers Work?

While it may seem like magic that the toilet can sense when you leave and then flush the toilet, it’s actually science.

LOL! My favorite Anchorman quote; but really, it is science that brings us this hands-free convenience.

The sensor contains an infrared LED projector and detector that can ‘sense’ when a person is there or not. A microchip controls the LED projector emitting infrared beams at regular intervals. Most often the light is not reflected back and so nothing happens. When someone sits down though, the infrared beam is reflected back quickly so the sensor ‘knows’ that someone is there. It is when the person leaves and that beam is not reflected back again that the sensor activates the flushing mechanism to flush the toilet.

It is kind of like magic. Sciency-magic. 🙂

Why Does The Automatic Flusher Sometimes Fail?

One of the biggest complaints about automatic flushers for toilets is that they sometimes fail. Sometimes they don’t flush when they should. Other times they flush when they shouldn’t. There are a few reasons for this that can be managed:

  • Dirty Sensor. The sensor loses the ability to send, and receive, the infrared beam if it is dirty. This could just be normal dust and grime that can be removed with regular wiping, or it could be a build up of minerals from hard water. The sensor isn’t in the water, but the water does evaporate up toward the sensor and then condenses there to cause trouble. A regular wiping with a hard water residue remover should solve this problem.
  • Sensor Calibration. Infrared sensors rely on knowing how quickly the beams should return to calculate whether to flush the toilet or not. This depends on proper calibration of the sensor so that those calculations are correct and the toilet only flushes once the user has left.
  • User Position. Even with proper calibration there are variances in user position that will affect the sensor function. Leaning to far back, too far forward, or using the toilet while standing all affect how the sensor ‘sees’ the user. The best solution is the calibrate for typical use and try to adapt to the best position to get it to work how you like.
  • Battery Life. The sensors are battery powered so it stands to reason that as the battery drains, the sensor won’t work as well. Replacing the batteries regularly will avoid this problem.

Do Automatic Flushers Waste Water?

No, not generally for home use. There has been a long standing belief that public automatic toilets often ‘phantom flush‘ when on-one is around, wasting thousands of gallons of water a year. This is not as true as it has been in the past. Better sensors, improved calibration, and an interest in water preservation now means that unintentional flushing happens less often.

An automatic toilet flusher for home doesn’t generally suffer from wasting water. Primarily because homeowners are more present and so recognize the problem more quickly and can adjust the calibration as needed to ensure that it only flushes when it’s intended to.

Can I Install An Automatic Flusher Myself?

Yes! Each model featured here is a DIY automatic toilet flusher; perfect for installing yourself. Some come with detailed installation and calibration instructions, while others feature videos on Amazon or their websites to help you get it set up and working quickly and effectively.



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