7 Realistic Bathroom Trends 2021: Affordable and Practical Upgrades

I love looking at glossy design magazines as much as the next person, but I often find that they portray expensive and impractical elements that I am never going to be able to incorporate in my own home. There are plenty of bathroom trends 2021 options, but what can I realistically use?

Bathroom Trends 2021

Here at Bargain Bathroom I want to show that you can use modern elements in your own design, and that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. And so, here are the realistic bathroom trends 2021; affordable and practical upgrades to imagine in your home this coming year.

1. Framed Mirrors

framed mirrors

An old designer trick is to use a large mirror in a small bathroom to make the space seem bigger and brighter. Using a framed mirror adds an interesting design element that can tie in to other pieces in the bathroom while not taking away from the original intent of the large mirror.

2. Shaped Tiles

shaped tiles

While subway tiling is still very strong, there is also a move toward shaped tiles. Diamonds and hexagons are very popular, but these fish-scale shaped tiles are my absolute favorite. They add an unexpected texture and a whimsical feel but still look modern and fun.

3. Brushed Brass

brushed brass

Brass definitely had its last heyday in the 80’s, but it’s making a comeback now with a subtler look and a richer feel. The best way to add brushed brass accents to your bathroom is with just a little bit. You want the room to look pulled together and cohesive, but not overwhelmed by the brass elements. Choose a simple fixture that will let the metal show off, plus maybe one or two other pieces. Less is definitely more.

4. Spa Like Sanctuaries

spa like bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the only truly private spaces in a home. Make it a place to really relax by transforming it into a spa-like sanctuary. It doesn’t take much; some fluffy towels, scented candles, foaming bubble bath, and a comfortable robe can make the difference. Turn the lights down, climb into the bath, and let the day soak away.

5. Green Space

Green Space

With so much focus on the environment, it’s not surprising that a plant-based trend is rising in modern bathrooms. Bathrooms are naturally great environments for plants with their moist, dewy, air – although you’ll need window (or a natural light lamp) in order to provide enough light for them to thrive.

6. Free Standing Vanities

freestanding vanities

I love free standing vanities, especially in small bathrooms. They add a furniture-like element to the room while still providing plenty of room for storage. The visual space underneath them adds depth to the room without you even realizing it. This is a trend that will help those of us with small spaces update and modernize them without breaking the bank.

7. Boho Hippie Style

boho hippie style

A boho hippie styled bathroom is a trend within a trend; pulling elements from other trends together for a cohesive look. With lots of natural elements such as baskets and plants, it draws on the environmental focus of today. Candles, and natural cotton towels bring a spa-like feel to the space; and macrame wall hangings are homey and decorative. Boho hippie style creates a warm and cozy feeling; a trend that, I think, will last throughout the year.