Best Bathroom Makeovers: Inspiration For Your Own Bathroom

Our goal here at Bargain Bathroom is to inspire great bathroom design at a bargain price. Now, I realize that ‘bargain’ is a relative term but, generally, we’re looking for ways to elevate home bathrooms while still keeping an eye on the price tag.

Best Bathroom MakeoversThese three bathroom makeovers show just what is possible when you put a little imagination, a few dollars, and some elbow grease into an idea.

Whether a full renovation or a spit-and-polish makeover; each one demonstrates techniques, tips and tricks that will inspire great design ideas for your own bathroom!

Here are our picks for Best Bathroom Makeover – which is your favorite?

Clean And Modern Bathroom Makeover

Angela Marie Made

Before and After [AngelaMarieMade]

I love, love, love this small bathroom makeover by Angela Marie Made! Not only is the space bright, clean, and modern looking, it also uses three of the 2020 Bathroom Trends we highlighted last month.

The shaped tiles on the floor add interest and texture without seeming ‘too busy’ and drawing your eye too much. A freestanding vanity always makes a small space feel larger; and this one, with the open shelving on the bottom, does this so simply and easily. The visual space allows your eye to think this is a piece of furniture in a larger space, rather than a built in cabinet. And, finally, the brushed brass finishes add richness and detail but it’s not overdone (which can feel more like a throwback to the 80’s rather than a modern element) – there is just enough for it to feel cohesive and pulled together.

Angela worked with a $3000 budget for this bathroom renovation. I think it’s a reasonable budget, considering that only the bathtub remains original and they contracted out some of the labor. It’s a beautiful transformation. Check out her ‘reveal’ post to see if she stayed in budget!

Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover

Joyful Derivitaves

Before and After [Joyful Derivatives]

This is a stunning transformation on a budget that you just won’t believe! It shows how having a vision, thrifting away items for later use, and a lot of elbow grease can pay off.

Rachel dreamt up this bathroom makeover to continue in the farmhouse theme that she had already used in the rest of her home. This meant that she and her husband already had a lot of the materials required for the renovation; paint, nails, lumber etc. They also were lucky enough to have been storing the buffet/vanity piece in their garage just waiting for an opportunity like this, and found the framed mirror (another 2020 Bathroom Trend!) at a garage sale just in time.

But, really, most of this transformation came to be in all the hard work they put in. Doing all the work themselves really saved the budget and they managed to get it to look exactly as they had envisioned.

I think I am most impressed by the flooring. Those are regular floor tiles that Joy painted and stencilled to look like more expensive cement tiles. I can’t imagine the attention to detail she must have!!

Can you guess what their budget was? Check out her complete post to see all the work they did and how much it cost them.

$200 Challenge Bathroom Makeover

Cynthia Harper Living

Before and After [Cynthia Harper Living]

This bathroom makeover is all about having a vision and then just going for it! What looks like a complete renovation is actually the result of creative makeover solutions and trusting the process.

Cynthia has mastered the reduce, reuse, recycle concept here. The cabinetry is still the original but she has transformed it into a farmhouse style with plenty of sanding, some matte sealer and the addition of some simple hardware. After painting the towel rails and toile paper holder she set her sights on the linoleum flooring; painting it a beautiful color that really anchors the space.

My favorite transformation is the light fixture. It is the same metal and glass globed fixture but some paint and new industrial-styled light bulbs make it appear like a whole new and modern installation.

Even those subway tiles are not as they appear. Using subway tile wallpaper meant that she was able to create the look of subway tiles without the expense or the mess of actual tile. A brilliant budget solution that looks amazing.

Seeing a transformation like this reminds me of the little things that we can do to update any room. Head over to Cynthia’s post to learn more about how she managed this amazing transformation in under $200!


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