Can You Flush Dental Floss?

Floss seems so harmless, doesn’t it? It’s not too big or bulky and seems like it would just flow with the water down the drain. Plus, the toilet is just so darned convenient. But, really, can you flush dental floss?

Can You Flush Dental Floss?

It is not recommended to flush dental floss down the toilet. You already know how floss can get tangled up; now imagine it getting tangled up with all the debris that is flowing in sewer pipes. Even worse, most brands of dental floss split apart easily, resulting in even more of a tangled mess to get caught up.

It’s kind of like your junk drawer; you keep all kinds of things in there and then one day you open it up to find everything all tangled together with wires, and string, and elastics. Imagine that in your plumbing pipes.

So no, don’t flush dental floss. Throw it in the garbage bin instead.

In fact, you can go one step further. Biodegradable dental floss can be tossed into your compost bin; meaning you can have excellent oral hygiene and can help the planet at the same time. Win-win!

Or, what if there was nothing to throw away?! A waterpik system is a great way to replicate flossing with none of the disposable waste of flossing. Simply fill up with water (I like to use warm water) and let the jetting action of the water do the work. It’s easy and efficient and no floss to dispose of.