Can You Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

You know that ball of hair that accumulates in the shower drain (especially if you live with a teenage girl!)? Or the hairbrush that gets clogged with hair? It would be so convenient to just ball it up and throw it into the toilet. But have you ever thought about whether you should or not? Do you know? Can you flush hair down the toilet?

Can You Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

No, you shouldn’t flush hair down the toilet. The reasoning is fairly simple; you can imagine that ball of hair trying to make its way through the narrow plumbing to the sewer system. Similar to flushing dental floss, it gets tangled up with all the other waste and contributes to the development of clogs.

Hair, and other non-degradable material can stick to the interior of sewer pipes, grabbing onto other material and it flows by. This slowly narrows the interior of the pipe, eventually leading to clogs that can be difficult to remove.

Sure, a few stray hairs in the toilet is not going to cause any damage, but if you’re cleaning out the drain filter, or removing hair from a brush, just place it in the garbage bin or, better yet, compost it! A much more environmentally friendly way to dispose of hair.

So, think next time you’re just about to drop a bunch of hair into the toilet and reach for the garbage bin instead.