How To Disassemble A Price Pfister Bathroom Faucet

how to disassemble a price pfister bathroom faucetove a Kohler bathroom faucet

One of life’s irrefutable truths is that nothing lasts forever. Not even a Price Pfister faucet. Price Pfister has more than a century of excellence and elegance in the art of faucet design and execution to their name. Now known simply as Pfister (having dropped the Price part of the name in 2010), the quality … Read more

How To Paint A Toilet Seat

how to paint a toilet seat

There’s no doubt that a toilet seat sees a lot of wear and tear; especially if you are limited to one bathroom in your home. Constant use, plus regular cleaning with harsh cleaning products, can lead to the paint on the toilet seat wearing off making the toilet seat look worn and dirty – which … Read more

Should You Keep Your Washing Machine in the Bathroom?

washing machine in bathroom

Massive laundry rooms have been all the rage in North America lately. There are tons of shiny Instagram reels, and blog posts, and Facebook stories about renovating utility rooms with new cabinets, trendy flooring, and beautiful new washing machines and dryers. But, what if you don’t have the room for a separate laundry space? Should … Read more