How To Care For A Wooden Toilet Seat

how to care for a wooden toilet

Wood toilet seats can add warmth and style to a bathroom. The wood not only adds visual warmth; sitting on a wooden toilet seat is a more comfortable experience as it feels warmer than sitting on a plastic one. They do take a little more care though as you have to know how to care … Read more

How To Paint A Toilet Seat

how to paint a toilet seat

There’s no doubt that a toilet seat sees a lot of wear and tear; especially if you are limited to one bathroom in your home. Constant use, plus regular cleaning with harsh cleaning products, can lead to the paint on the toilet seat wearing off making the toilet seat look worn and dirty – which … Read more

How To Flush A Toilet With No Water

how to flush a toilet with no water

Knowing how to flush a toilet with no water isn’t rocket science, but it’s not something we think about every day. Unless you’ve spent time at a rustic cabin, or a lakeside cottage, or perhaps were a Girl Guide or Boy Scout in your youth, there usually isn’t reason to have such a skill. As … Read more

What’s The Best Toilet To Buy?

what's the best toilet to buy

Whether you’re renovating your main bathroom, installing a second bathroom, or simply replacing an aged (or broken/leaking) toilet, the first question is ‘What’s the best toilet to buy?’. It might seem pretty straightforward; a toilet is a toilet is a toilet, after all. But…there are a few things to think about to ensure that you … Read more