The Best Toothbrush Sanitizer: Evict Bacteria From Their Toothbrush Hotel

best toothbrush sanitizer

True story; your toothbrush is like a high-rise hotel for bacteria.¬†You use it to brush your teeth; ridding them of gunk and bacteria including Streptococcus anginosis and Porphyromonas gingivalis. Then place it in the toothbrush holder where it is likely to encounter E.coli and other fecal contaminants that aerosolize whenever the toilet is flushed. Okay … Read more

Alternatives To Toilet Paper: A Coronavirus Survival Kit

empty shelves

I’m writing this in March 2020 during the ramp up of the COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) worldwide outbreak. It’s difficult to determine where this will go, or what it will look like when you are reading this. One thing that is already abundantly clear though, is that human beings seem to think that hoarding toilet paper … Read more