Can You Use Drano In A Toilet??

can you pour drano down the toilet

Arrghhh! The toilet is clogged again! If this is a regular occurrence in your home you might be tempted to forgo the plunger and pour Drano in there to clear the clog instead. Hold on though! Do you know if this is safe for your toilet and pipes? Can you use Drano in a toilet? … Read more

Can You Flush Tampons Down The Toilet?

can you flush tampons down the toilet

Can you flush tampons down the toilet? It comes down to convenience vs plumbing disaster. I know, it’s easy. The toilet is right there. It’s messy/inconvenient/weird to wrap it up and place it in the garbage bucket. Or you just plain forget and it’s too late. But flushing tampons, and other various bathroom related items, down … Read more

Is Flushing Food Down The Toilet A Good Idea?

flushing food down toilet

There seems to be a few reasons why people want to flush food down the toilet. Usually they don’t have a garbage disposal, or composting available, and don’t want the kitchen smelling as waste food sits in the garbage can until garbage day. But is flushing food down the toilet a good idea? Is Flushing … Read more

Can You Flush Q-Tips?

can you flush q-tips

Q-Tips are used for everything from applying makeup to arts-and-crafts; but mostly they’re used for cleaning ear-holes (despite claims from the Q-Tip brand that you most definitely shouldn’t use them for this purpose!). This means that they are mostly used, and disposed of, in the bathroom. And the most convenient place to dispose of them? … Read more

Can You Flush Tissues Down The Toilet?

can you flush tissues down the toilet

Facial tissues are such a useful product; we use them for everything from blowing our noses to removing makeup. Along with toilet paper and paper towel, they are one of the most used paper products in a household. But how to dispose of them? Can you flush tissues down the toilet? Can You Flush Tissues … Read more

Can You Flush Paper Towels Down The Toilet?

can you flush paper towels down the toilet?

Paper towels are normally used in the kitchen to clean up cooking messes, but sometimes they are used in the bathroom. I often use them to help clean the mirror or to make the faucets nice and shiny. So, how to dispose of them once you’re done. Can you flush paper towel down the toilet? … Read more

Can You Flush Pills Down The Toilet?

can you flush pills down the toilet

It’s likely that you have old, unused medications lurking in your bathroom cabinet. Left over pain medication and antibiotics are the most common prescriptions that do not get finished. Disposing of unused medications is tricky; you want to get rid of it but want to do it quickly and safely. It’s tempting to just throw … Read more

Can You Flush Cat Litter Down The Toilet?

can you flush cat litter

I adopted a cat recently. He’s a beautiful mackerel tabby and we’re enjoying him immensely. Getting read to bring him home was relatively easy; we picked up some food, kitty litter, and toys and the welcomed him into his new home. Luckily he’s litter trained but therein lay our first conundrum as cat parents. Can … Read more