Can You Flush Baby Wipes?

can you flush baby wipes

Anyone who has ever raised a tiny human will tell you that, at least in the first few years, there is a lot of tiny human waste to manage. Baby wipes make it manageable and convenient but what do you do with them once you’re all cleaned up? Can you flush baby wipes? Can You … Read more

Can You Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

can you flush hair down the toilet

You know that ball of hair that accumulates in the shower drain (especially if you live with a teenage girl!)? Or the hairbrush that gets clogged with hair? It would be so convenient to just ball it up and throw it into the toilet. But have you ever thought about whether you should or not? … Read more

Can You Flush Dental Floss?

can you flush dental floss

Floss seems so harmless, doesn’t it? It’s not too big or bulky and seems like it would just flow with the water down the drain. Plus, the toilet is just so darned convenient. But, really, can you flush dental floss? Can You Flush Dental Floss? It is not recommended to flush dental floss down the toilet. … Read more

Coronavirus and Cleaning: A Disinfecting Bootcamp

coronavirus and cleaning

These are definitely interesting times with the rise of Coronavirus and all the social complications that arise from that. Uppermost in many peoples minds is Coronavirus and cleaning; how can you protect yourself, and your family, from this invisible, but very real, enemy? Turns out that it is as basic as your mother ever taught … Read more

Best Bathroom Makeovers: Inspiration For Your Own Bathroom

Best Bathroom Makeovers

Our goal here at Bargain Bathroom is to inspire great bathroom design at a bargain price. Now, I realize that ‘bargain’ is a relative term but, generally, we’re looking for ways to elevate home bathrooms while still keeping an eye on the price tag. These three bathroom makeovers show just what is possible when you … Read more

Top 5 Bathroom Kickstarters With Staying Power

best bathroom kickstarters

Successful Kickstarter campaigns can quickly introduce innovative design to the world. Experiments turn into design ideas, that evolve into viable products, that are then presented to potential investors in hopes of gaining financial backing for production and delivery. Look no further than the overwhelmingly successful Brondell Swash 1400 campaign of 2016 for proof of the … Read more