What’s The Best Toilet To Buy?

what's the best toilet to buy

Whether you’re renovating your main bathroom, installing a second bathroom, or simply replacing an aged (or broken/leaking) toilet, the first question is ‘What’s the best toilet to buy?’. It might seem pretty straightforward; a toilet is a toilet is a toilet, after all. But…there are a few things to think about to ensure that you … Read more

The Best Smart Toilet: Intelligence For Your Bathroom

best smart toilet

Bathrooms are becoming more and more luxurious. Considered a private space (although also a shared space with family members), the bathroom is where many of us spend our only time alone in a day. Having luxurious features, such as the best smart toilet, in that space makes that private, alone time, even better! Best Smart … Read more

Upflush Toilet Reviews: No Existing Plumbing? No Problem!

upflush toilet reviews

Installing a bathroom where plumbing doesn’t exist sounds like a daunting task. Locating sewer lines, digging drains, and placing piping implies a full-on renovation that perhaps is not in the cards.¬† What if you could install a toilet on a flat, cement, basement floor? Sound impossible? Luckily, there are many upflush toilet reviews that show … Read more