Finding A Natural Toilet Cleaner That Works

natural toilet cleaner

When I was a little girl, my mom would never have thought to use a natural toilet cleaner. She cleaned the bathroom with the strongest, and most caustic, cleaners she could find. She thought they did the best job of cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing and so we scrubbed and wiped using Comet powder, bleach, and … Read more

How To Care For A Wooden Toilet Seat

how to care for a wooden toilet

Wood toilet seats can add warmth and style to a bathroom. The wood not only adds visual warmth; sitting on a wooden toilet seat is a more comfortable experience as it feels warmer than sitting on a plastic one. They do take a little more care though as you have to know how to care … Read more

How To Paint A Toilet Seat

how to paint a toilet seat

There’s no doubt that a toilet seat sees a lot of wear and tear; especially if you are limited to one bathroom in your home. Constant use, plus regular cleaning with harsh cleaning products, can lead to the paint on the toilet seat wearing off making the toilet seat look worn and dirty – which … Read more