The Best Toothbrush Sanitizer: Evict Bacteria From Their Toothbrush Hotel

best toothbrush sanitizer

True story; your toothbrush is like a high-rise hotel for bacteria.¬†You use it to brush your teeth; ridding them of gunk and bacteria including Streptococcus anginosis and Porphyromonas gingivalis. Then place it in the toothbrush holder where it is likely to encounter E.coli and other fecal contaminants that aerosolize whenever the toilet is flushed. Okay … Read more

Top 5 Bathroom Kickstarters With Staying Power

best bathroom kickstarters

Successful Kickstarter campaigns can quickly introduce innovative design to the world. Experiments turn into design ideas, that evolve into viable products, that are then presented to potential investors in hopes of gaining financial backing for production and delivery. Look no further than the overwhelmingly successful Brondell Swash 1400 campaign of 2016 for proof of the … Read more