How To Remove Kohler Bathroom Faucet Cartridge

Kohler bathroom faucets are manufactured with a cartridge in each tap to control the flow of water through to the faucet spout itself. Typically, if a faucet starts to leak it is one of these cartridges that is the problem. In order to fix the problem, you’ll need to know how to remove Kohler bathroom faucet cartridge. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult and you probably have the tools at home already.

How to remove Kohler bathroom faucet cartridge

Bathroom faucets have a tendency to leak as the internal cartridges wear out. This is due to the repeated movement of water through the cartridge and the constant friction of turning the taps on and off. The cartridge is used to perform the same process as a valve stem in regular faucets.

This article will take you through the process of removing and replacing the Kohler bathroom faucet cartridge with no hassle.

What Is The Purpose of a Faucet Cartridge?

The faucet cartridge has a metal or plastic cartridge in the handle. This works similarly to a valve and helps to control the flow and temperature of the water running through the faucet.

If you have a single-handle faucet the vertical and horizontal positioning is used to adjust the temperature and pressure.

Two-handle faucets work in the same way as a compression faucet with one handle controlling the flow of hot, and the other of cold water. The pressure of the water is also controlled by these handles.

Tools Required to Replace a Kohler Bathroom Faucet Cartridge

You will need 2 types of screwdrivers. These are a flat-head and a Phillips head screwdriver. A flat-head screwdriver has a flat, wedge-shaped tip. These are used to rotate screws with a long notch in the head.

Phillips head screwdrivers have a tip with four pointed edges, arranged in the shape of a cross. These are used for screws with a cross etched into the head.

You will need a pair of channel lock pliers. These are pliers with an angled head. One side of the handle can slide which causes the opening to adjust in size.

This can be done without the distance between the handles changing, making them easy to grip and work with.

You will also need a Kohler brand faucet cartridge. You can buy cartridges which are not branded, however, there is less of a guarantee of good quality.

If you opt to purchase the Kohler brand cartridges you can be assured of their build quality. It also means that the cartridge will definitely be compatible with your sink and will be of the correct size.

Depending on the type of faucet you have, you may need an Allen wrench. This is a small wrench in an L shape. At one end there is a hole with 6 sides in the shape of a hexagon.

This is also known as a hex wrench. It may be required if your faucet handle is secured with a hex screw.

Instructions on How to Remove Kohler Bathroom Faucet Cartridge

Your first step is to look underneath your faucet for the water supply valves. These are located on slimmer water pipes that feed directly into your faucet. They will have small shutoff valves attached to the pipes.

You will need to turn this knob to the right to stop the water supply. It is important to do this before disassembling the faucet so that water will not spurt all over your bathroom.

You should remove the cap of the faucet using the flat-head screwdriver. Place it underneath the edge of the faucet cap and gently lever it up to pop the cap off.

This should expose a Phillips head screw. Turn to the left to loosen the screw and then remove.

You should now see a metal ring surrounding the main part of the faucet. This is known as the faucet trim ring. You should remove this at this point.

You will now notice a small plastic part at the tip of the faucet. This will be holding the cartridge in the correct position. You should unscrew this and take it off completely. Set aside for the time being.

Grip the top of the cartridge with your channel lock pliers. Gently but firmly pull the cartridge straight up and out of the faucet. Twist it gently left and right as you do so to help loosen it.

Find the new Kohler cartridge and insert it into the hole in the faucet. Take care to replace it in the same position as the old one to ensure a quality fit.

Return the plastic plate to the top of the cartridge and secure in place with a screw.

Place the trim ring back on the cartridge and then place the handle on top. Use a screw to secure this in place. You should next replace the faucet screw handle cap.

If you have a two handle faucet, repeat this process on the other faucet handle.

Once you are sure everything is back in its correct place and secured, you can look under the faucet and turn the water supply back on.

You should turn the faucet on and allow it to run for at least 30 seconds. This will force water through the faucet, flushing and cleaning out the new cartridge as you do so.