Should You Keep Your Washing Machine in the Bathroom?

Massive laundry rooms have been all the rage in North America lately. There are tons of shiny Instagram reels, and blog posts, and Facebook stories about renovating utility rooms with new cabinets, trendy flooring, and beautiful new washing machines and dryers. But, what if you don’t have the room for a separate laundry space? Should you keep your washing machine in the bathroom?

Should You Keep Your Washing Machine in the Bathroom?

bathroom with washing machine

Keeping your washing machine in the bathroom just makes sense! Space is at a premium in many of todays homes, and many of us do not have the space to dedicate a whole room to laundry.

The bathroom is usually conveniently located on the living floor of a home; close to where laundry originates. Having the washing machine in the bathroom means being able to gather dirty clothes, towels, and bedding and then quickly access the washing machine.

Once the laundry is washed, and dried, and folded, it is once again close to where it will be put away.

Keeping a washing machine in the bathroom can actually save time!

Is It Weird To Have a Washer and Dryer in the Bathroom?


washing machine in bathroom

In Europe it is very common to have a washing machine in the kitchen of the home. This may sound weird but regulations overseas do not permit electrical outlets in bathrooms, and most homes do not have a separate utility, or laundry, room. So, the kitchen is where laundry facilities will be found.

On the other hand, North American bathrooms are the perfect place to put a washing machine and dryer. Access to plumbing and electrical outlets is handy and the bathroom is a convenient location for doing laundry.

So no, it’s not weird at all to have a washer and dryer in the bathroom. You may be ahead of the curve!

Is It Safe To Put A Washing Machine in the Bathroom?

Safety is probably the most important factor when considering installing a washing machine in the bathroom.

If a washing machine is installed according to manufacturers specifications and instructions, then it is completely safe to install a washing machine in the bathroom. Consult municipal, town, or city regulations also to ensure that building code doesn’t restrict installation.

These specifications, instructions, and regulations will ensure that the plumbing, electrical, and drainage requirements meet standards and won’t cause any safety or environmental problems.

Will Putting A Washing Machine in the Bathroom Void the Warranty?

Warranty compliance will differ by brand and manufacturer. Some clearly indicate that washing machines should not be installed in damp environments, while others do not have any directives that would void the warranty.

This means that the warranty guidelines and certificate for each unit should be carefully reviewed to ensure that the installation of the washing machine won’t void the warranty unexpectedly.

It Just Makes Sense to Put Your Washing Machine in the Bathroom!

laundry in bathroom


As living space gets smaller and smaller, home owners need to be more innovative in how that space gets used. There is a definite trend to multi-use spaces and that requires thinking outside the box as to how we’ve traditionally used bathrooms. Putting a washing machine in the bathroom can be a great addition to a space that is often closest to where laundry is produced so it just makes sense!