The Ultimate Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison

bidet toilet seat comparison

Choosing to install a bidet toilet seat in your bathroom can quickly become overwhelming. What features are important to you and your family? Warm water washing? Heated seat? Dual nozzle? Self cleaning? Night light? Luckily we have a few guides to help you choose, and now we’ve compiled the Ultimate Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison chart … Read more

Where Does Bidet Water Come From?

where does bidet water come from

It’s no surprise that there are so many questions around bidets – they are a relatively new fixture in North American bathrooms so we are generally unfamiliar with how they work. Questions topping the list are ‘are bidets sanitary‘ and ‘how do you use a bidet‘. Next on the list? Where does bidet water come … Read more

How To Clean A Bidet Nozzle


With all the work a bidet toilet seat does to keep you clean, learning how to clean a bidet nozzle will ensure that it stays nice and clean also. Keeping it clean will ensure that using your bidet remains a hygienic experience and will also keep it functioning the best it can for as long … Read more

Bidets: A Modern Interpretation

Bathroom habits are so culturally ingrained that it’s hard to imagine there are other ways to manage using the toilet. It’s likely only when we visit other homes, or countries, that we realize that this intensively private custom can be different. Being products of our parents, and our families, we take on the customs and … Read more