Toilet Seat Lights: You Really CAN See In The Dark!

toilet seat lights

There are two things that I can’t stand about going to the bathroom in the night; stumbling through the dark to get there, and a freezing cold toilet seat once I arrive. The first we solved by installing bathroom toilet seat lights, and the second by upgrading to a heated toilet seat. Problems solved! 2 … Read more

How To Tell If Toilet Seat Is Round Or Elongated

how to tell if toilet seat is round or elongated

Whether you’re switching out your toilet seat because it’s old and worn, or because you want something more comfortable, or because you have recently learned of the life-changing experience of the bidet, one of the fundamental things you need to know is how to tell if toilet seat is round or elongated. You don’t want … Read more

How To Paint A Toilet Seat

how to paint a toilet seat

There’s no doubt that a toilet seat sees a lot of wear and tear; especially if you are limited to one bathroom in your home. Constant use, plus regular cleaning with harsh cleaning products, can lead to the paint on the toilet seat wearing off making the toilet seat look worn and dirty – which … Read more