Can You Flush Tampons Down The Toilet?

can you flush tampons down the toilet

Can you flush tampons down the toilet? It comes down to convenience vs plumbing disaster. I know, it’s easy. The toilet is right there. It’s messy/inconvenient/weird to wrap it up and place it in the garbage bucket. Or you just plain forget and it’s too late. But flushing tampons, and other various bathroom related items, down … Read more

How To Flush A Toilet With No Water

how to flush a toilet with no water

Knowing how to flush a toilet with no water isn’t rocket science, but it’s not something we think about every day. Unless you’ve spent time at a rustic cabin, or a lakeside cottage, or perhaps were a Girl Guide or Boy Scout in your youth, there usually isn’t reason to have such a skill. As … Read more

What’s The Best Toilet To Buy?

what's the best toilet to buy

Whether you’re renovating your main bathroom, installing a second bathroom, or simply replacing an aged (or broken/leaking) toilet, the first question is ‘What’s the best toilet to buy?’. It might seem pretty straightforward; a toilet is a toilet is a toilet, after all. But…there are a few things to think about to ensure that you … Read more

The Best Smart Toilet: Intelligence For Your Bathroom

best smart toilet

Bathrooms are becoming more and more luxurious. Considered a private space (although also a shared space with family members), the bathroom is where many of us spend our only time alone in a day. Having luxurious features, such as the best smart toilet, in that space makes that private, alone time, even better! Best Smart … Read more

Upflush Toilet Reviews: No Existing Plumbing? No Problem!

upflush toilet reviews

Installing a bathroom where plumbing doesn’t exist sounds like a daunting task. Locating sewer lines, digging drains, and placing piping implies a full-on renovation that perhaps is not in the cards.  What if you could install a toilet on a flat, cement, basement floor? Sound impossible? Luckily, there are many upflush toilet reviews that show … Read more