The Best Bidet Toilet Combo: A Luxury Addition That’s Worth It

Some define luxury as anything that is out of reach. It must be a luxury if it’s something you can’t afford, or can’t have for some other reason. Others define it as enjoying those things that, no matter how small, make you comfortable.

What about bidet toilet combo features like a heated toilet seat, or toilet night light, or auto flush function? They’re not quantifiable as experiences but ask anyone who has stumbled through a dark, winter night to sit on a warm toilet seat if it is a worthwhile luxury and they will undoubtedly say yes.

And that is what makes a bidet toilet combo a worthwhile luxury; small moments that have a big impact on how you feel.

bidet toilet combo

Best Bidet Toilet Combo Sneak Peek:


What Is a Bidet Toilet Combo?

Bidets have been around for dozens and dozens of years. We haven’t seen them much here in N. America but they are much more popular in Europe, S. America, and Asia. Essentially, a bidet allows the use of water to cleanse after using the toilet rather than toilet paper.

Different types of bidets are used in different parts of the world; some countries mostly use sprayer bidets, while others use much more luxurious versions that have heated seats, warmed water, and air dryers.

A bidet toilet combo is just as it sounds. It is a single unit that includes a toilet and a bidet all in one; combining a high quality toilet with bidet features creating a luxurious bathroom experience. These bathroom fixtures have a sleek and modern design that fit will in many types of bathroom decor.


5 of the BEST Bidet Toilet Combos in 2021

A combination toilet bidet can be an investment in your bathroom. Here we present the models that we feel offer the most important features at a price that is reasonable because the best integrated bidet toilet is one that enhances your bathroom and doesn’t lighten your wallet too much.

1. Woodbridge B0950 – A Truly Integrated Toilet and Bidet

  • Hygiene: posterior wash, feminine wash, pulsating wash, adjustable water pressure, hygienic filtered water
  • Automatic flush: the seat automatically flushes on your departure for hands-free operation
  • Includes several adjustable features: water pressure, water temperature, dryer temperature, and heated seat
  • Air purification: The deodorizer effectively cleans the air around the toilet using powerful air filters. Air is drawn in, passing through an ionized Carbon filter to eliminate unpleasant odors
  • Instant warming comfort: instant water heating technology for warm seats and water
  • Warranty: 2-year limited manufacture

Things to Like:

  • A truly integrated toilet and bidet
  • Automatic flushing
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Water temperature control
  • Heated seat
  • Front and rear wash capabilities
  • Low water toilet
  • Full remote control with included preset auto function also

This is a truly integrated bidet toilet combo; not just a toilet with a bidet toilet seat attached. This makes for a sleek, modern design with no bulky attachments or control panels. It’s skirted design also means that cleaning the exterior is as easy as cleaning the interior.

This truly is the best toilet with integrated bidet on the market; great design and great function make for an exceptional fixture.

The integrated design means that this model has more features than an attachment or bidet toilet seat can offer. It offers the standard adjustable water pressure, water temperature controls, heated seat, and front/rear washing nozzles but also includes automatic flushing, a heated soft-closing seat, and is a low-flow flusher for increased water conservation.

The water it uses is filtered and instantly heated so the bidet experience is comfortable right from the start. It also features a powerful air deodorizer that draws air in through an ionized carbon filter effectively eliminating unpleasant toilet odors.

A model like this can replace your existing toilet without the need for any extensive changes, making this an ideal upgrade without needing a renovation.

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2. Kohler K-4026-0 – Name Brand Quality

KOHLER K-4026-0
  • Compact one-piece toilet with integrated bidet
  • Advanced bidet functionality with self-cleaning wand, precision air dryer and deodorizing filter all in one
  • Personalized settings for two users for heated seat, dryer and water temperature
  • Motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing cover
  • LED night-light illuminates the bowl for added convenience in dark spaces
  • Self-cleaning wand automatically performs rinse cycle after each use
  • Power Lite flushing offers a powerful 1.28-gpf that is controlled from the touchscreen or integrated remote

Things to Like:

  • Motion operated seat that opens and closes automatically
  • Heated seat
  • Direction able cleaning; front and back
  • Warm water washing
  • Air dryer
  • LED night light

This is a name brand toilet with built in bidet; the price definitely reflects this but so, too, does the quality and design of this model.

The motion sensor in the toilet seat lid is a luxury feature; opening and closing as you arrive or depart – the fact that it is a heated seat takes it to the next level.

The darkness of night is softly illuminated by the LED nightlight in the toilet bowl (no more stumbling around in the dark!).

Warm water washing with a heated seat (with adjustable temperature) will take the chill of winter off and will still be comfortable in the summer months also.

The bidet nozzle can be directed to either front or rear washing and is a self-cleaning nozzle for a sanitary experience. Toilet flushing is controlled by the touchscreen panel or the remote and is a Power Lite model offering a strong flush with minimal water.

It’s a sleek design that will complement any modern bathroom.

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3. TOTO MW4742034CEFG#01 Washlet + Toilet – Best Value Bidet Toilet Combo

TOTO MW4742034CEFG#01 Washlet + Toilet
  • WASHLET+ bidet seat and toilet, specially designed to conceal the WASHLET water supply and power cord
  • PREMIST- using incoming water supply, a misting of the toilet bowl is performed before each use to help prevent waste from adhering
  • Adjustable front and rear warm water washing with three temperature settings and five pressure settings. Oscillating stream option
  • SoftClose heated seat, automatic air deodorizer, and warm air dryer with three variable settings
  • 1.28 gallons per flush TORNADO FLUSH system with CEFIONTECT glaze to reduce bowl friction

Things to Like:

  • Integrated bidet toilet seat and toilet bowl
  • Warm water wash for front and rear
  • Heated seat
  • Pre-misting of the bowl to prevent waste from sticking
  • Air dryer
  • Soft close seat
  • Powerful low-flow flushing action

This is definitely the best value! While the design is not as sleek as a more expensive bidet toilet combo, it is more streamlined that an attachment or toilet seat bidet would offer as the water supply and power cord are hidden from view.

This model has an innovative water delivery that injects the water into the air to increase the drop size for maximum cleaning without relying on a cannon strength water stream; it’s a more comfortable clean.

The pre-misting of the toilet bowl doesn’t necessarily help with the users cleanliness, but it does mean that waste doesn’t stick to the dry toilet bowl resulting in a cleaner bowl. And the deodorizer helps keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

If you’re in the market to replace your toilet anyway, this bidet toilet seat combo is a worthy upgrade.

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4. ProStock PSBTWE1000 – Nicely Designed At A Great Price

ProStock PSBTWE1000
  • Elongated bowl design for more comfort
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • Heated elongated seat
  • Programmable settings for different users

Things to Like:

  • Programmable settings for different users
  • Heated seat
  • Warm water wash
  • Auto flush feature

This is a nicely designed toilet bidet combo at a great price. The auto flush feature is a bonus on a model at this level. A programmable remote means that users will get a customized experience at the touch of a button – no fumbling with controls, just push a button and the right temperature water, at the right pressure, is delivered to the right place. Easy peasy.

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5. Bio Bidet IB835 Fully Integrated Bidet Toilet System – ALL the Features!!

Things to Like:

  • Dual Nozzle
  • Remote Control
  • Easy Installation
  • Auto Flush

This is truly a luxury model with all the features you would expect. From the oscillating, dual nozzle cleaning system with warm water, to the adjustable warm air dry; this bathroom experience is a cut above the rest.


How To Choose a Bidet Toilet Combo

There are several factors that should be considered when looking to invest in a bidet toilet combo.

  • Design – what will fit best in your bathroom decor? Are you looking for something sleek and modern, or looking for some more traditional elements?
  • Price – what is the price point that best fits your budget? The cost of bidet toilet combo fixtures is dependent on the features that are included. It is possible to get a simpler version at a more affordable price – it is also possible to go all out in features for a more luxurious experience.
  • Features – there are plenty of features available – from warmed toilet seats, to automatic flushing and air dryers. Just like making any decision, make a list of features that are important to you and your family and use that as a starting point.


Features To Look For

Bidet toilet combos all have several features that make them the luxury fixtures that they are. Not all models have all features; it’s important to determine which are important to you and your family and find a model that best fits

Warmed Water

The water coming from the bidet nozzles is always fresh and clean, but some models warm that water before delivering it for cleaning. Look for versions that have variable heat settings to ensure that the water temperature is just right.

Dual Nozzles

Most bidets in the combo models have the ‘front and rear’ washing option. Some use a single nozzle that articulates to provide the coverage, while others have dual nozzles – one for the front and one for the rear. This is, in our opinion, a better option as then each nozzle has a single purpose and can perform its function most effectively.

Adjustable Water Pressure

Sometimes you…ahem…need to be a bit more aggressive in cleaning than other times. An adjustable water pressure feature allows for this. The user can adjust the water pressure to customize it as needed.

Heated Toilet Seat

The comfort of a heated toilet seat cannot be understated. Sitting on a cold toilet seat in the middle of the night is an experience no-one will miss! Many models have adjustable heat settings also to allow for less warming during the summer months, and something a little more comfortable in the wintertime.

Remote Control

It may seem silly at first to consider having a remote control for your toilet. And really, most often the bidet control panel wouldn’t be used as a ‘remote’ per se; but it does allow the user to have the controls for all the adjustable features right at your fingertips. Alternately, this bidet control panel can be housed in a ‘remote control holder’ that allows the user to access but doesn’t have you worried about losing it.

Air Dryer

A burst of warm air at the end of the washing cycle dries up all the water and ends the bidet experience nicely. Some models are able to adjust the air temperature and/or the direction of the air flow.

Auto Flush

Using motion sensor technology, auto-flush toilets can sense when the user has left and then automatically flushes the toilet.

Night Light

Not having to turn on the bathroom light in the middle of the night is a game-changer! Soft lighting within the toilet lights the way; some models even have different colors of lighting.

Automatic Toilet Seat

Another motion sensor feature that automatically lifts and lowers the seat when a person is detected. No more slamming toilet seats!!

Low Flow Toilet

In keeping with ever increasing environmental standards, a low-flow toilet should use less water but still be efficient at removing waste. Most modern toilets are low flow in order to meet EPA standards so this is usually a standard feature.


Added Value: Positive Environmental Impact

Environmental awareness is a big topic these days. When we think of making environmentally friendly changes in the bathroom, we typically think about using less toxic cleaning supplies (which is a great step) , but we don’t think about using less toilet paper. And yet, the use of toilet paper and, more common recently, wet wipes is an environmental issue also as plumbing infrastructure ages and the volume of toilet paper and wet wipes increases.

Installing a bidet toilet combo can lessen the environmental impact of your bathroom by eliminating the use of wet wipes and significantly reducing toilet paper usage.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a bidet?

It is surprisingly simple to use a modern bidet. A little practice is all you need.

  1. Get set. The control panel is key to a successful bidet experience; once you have finished ‘doing your business’ find the control panel.
  2. Select the wash option. Often times there is a ‘front wash’ and ‘rear wash’ button and perhaps a water temperature option also. This will prompt the wash nozzle(s) to extend and to start the washing cycle. It may take a few moments for this to start as the pump moves the water through and/or as the heating of the water occurs.
  3. Adjust. If necessary aim the water spray direction or pressure for a more accurate cleaning.
  4. Press stop. Some models may have timed cycles and this step won’t be necessary. Others will require you to press the stop button.
  5. Dry. On many there may be a warm air drying option – select the button and wait for drying to complete. More manual models will require a small amount of toilet paper to complete drying.

It’s really very intuitive but unsurprisingly there is often some anxiety around the first time. A simple way to overcome this is to go through the steps while not sitting on the toilet.  It will give you a good idea of how it works, how strong the water stream is, and what temperature might be best etc. Just be sure to block the water spray with your hand.

Are bidets sanitary?

This is, quite literally, the second most asked question when it comes to using a bidet. You can see the #1 question right above this one. 😉 

The short answer is YES, bidets are a very sanitary way to clean up after using the toilet. It could, in fact, be argued that bidets are more sanitary than the usual custom of using toilet paper. Bidets use a stream of water to clean the area; nothing, other than the water, comes into contact with the person so there is no possibility of contamination occurring.

Combined with good hand-washing technique, using a bidet is a very sanitary way of cleaning up after using the toilet.

Where does the bidet water come from?

First up, lets dispel the myth that bidet water comes from the toilet bowl. It doesn’t. The toilet bowl is considered ‘dirty’ and using water from there would not meet the sanitary conditions that bidets are known for.

Bidet water comes from the same fresh water pipes that fill the toilet tank with water. Which is the same water that is piped to the sink faucets. It is clean, germ free, and fresh.

My existing toilet is fine; do I have to buy a whole toilet to have a bidet?

No, you don’t have to buy a whole toilet! There are plenty of other bidet options that allow you to use a bidet with your existing toilet. There are bidet attachments that use the existing toilet and toilet seat, toilet seat bidets that replace the exiting toilet seat but use the existing toilet, and electric toilet seat bidets which also replace the existing toilet seat but have more features like the bidet toilet combos have.

Do I have to plug the bidet in? What if there is no electrical outlet nearby?

Yes, most bidet toilet combos need to be plugged in so that all the features will work. Particularly if there are warm water, or warm air features.

If the bathroom has an outlet nearby then this won’t be an issue, but if not there are still some options. Some users can simply wind an extension cord along the baseboard to the toilet location.

Others are doing mini-renovations and are able to fully wire an outlet nearby. If you are replacing an existing toilet and there is no outlet it is worthwhile to spend a few dollars and have an outlet inserted; the wiring is likely right behind the wall and just needs to be pulled through to be accessed.

Can I take the bidet toilet combo with me if/when I move?

Yes. A bidet toilet combo is installed like any other toilet so it can be removed when necessary, such as for moving. Obviously, a suitable toilet would need to be installed to replace it – you can’t leave the next tenants without a toilet!! And it should be disclosed in any selling agreement that the toilet fixture is not included.

How do you clean a bidet?

The only ‘special’ part of cleaning a bidet is in the cleaning of the bidet nozzles themselves. The rest of the fixture is just like a regular toilet and can be cleaned as such; some even have removable toilet seats for even easier cleaning!

Cleaning the bidet nozzles depends on the model that you have installed. Some have nozzles that self clean, others have nozzles that can be extended for easy cleaning, and others are much more manual. The installation and care instructions will include information on how to best care for the nozzles and other features of the bidet.