The Best Moen Bathroom Faucet: Name Brand Quality Is Worth It

Renovating your bathroom can be a stressful affair. Not only do you have to think about style and design elements, but also the durability of the fixtures that you choose. Moen is a brand often chosen by those looking for high-quality faucets as they have established themselves as leaders within the industry. In face, finding the best Moen bathroom faucet is easy; choosing any one of them is a step in the right direction!

Boasting innovative, and stylish designs, Moen offers products that are sure to be top of the list when whittling down the choices. Finding the best Moen bathroom faucet doesn’t have to be difficult; here are our top 5 picks along with a buyers guide to help you choose:


Best Moen Bathroom Faucet


ABSOLUTE BEST: Moen “Eva” Two-Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Things to Like:

  • This faucet is backed by the Moen Limited Lifetime Warranty should you experience any issues.
  • It is available in three different finishes
  • It is ADA and WaterSense compliant
  • It is an affordable Moen design
  • The installation process is rather straightforward.

Adopting a classic centerset design, the Moen “Eva” two-handle bathroom sink faucet is available in three finishes; brushed nickel, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze.

The traditional chrome option is a stylish addition to any bathroom; modern and sleek, yet will still fit in a more traditional setting also.

As a centerset faucet, there is a central spout and two lever style side handles controlling the water flow.

Impressively, this faucet has an aerated stream of up to 1.2 gallons of water a minute. It adheres to WaterSense specifications regarding water efficiency while ensuring that the pressure isn’t compromised.

Additionally, this tap is also compliant with ADA requirements meaning that it can be turned on without the need to exert too much force or pressure – ensuring that all members of your family can easily, and safely, use it.

As for installation, this faucet adopts a 4 inch centerset design with a 3 hole mount that makes the process particularly easy.

The high arc design ensures that there is sufficient space beneath the spout – be sure to measure that the depth of the spout is enough to reach into the sink you have chosen. Too short a spout and the water won’t reach into the sink.

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TOP CHOICE: Moen “Brantford” Two-handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet

Things to Like:

  • ADA compliant faucet
  • The aerated flow makes it an excellent choice for everyday use
  • Two lever handle design – a symetric design
  • It is available in three finish options
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty which covers you should you experience any problems.

Boasting a more rustic appearance, the Moen “Brantford” bathroom faucet is uniquely designed and is available in the following colors; oil rubbed bronze, chrome, and brushed nickel.

Each of the different finish options boasts a metallic look that is sure to be a classic and sleek addition to your bathroom.

This faucet has a 4 inch centerset design that allows for easy installation.

It also has drain assembly and the design features a central spout that projects the water and two side levers that are responsible for controlling the temperature of the water.

Suitable for everyday use and for fulfilling cleaning purposes, this faucet delivers up to 1.2 gallons of water per minute to provide the user with a clear stream of water.

The water also meets the WaterSense Criteria which accounts for excellent performance without any compromise to the water pressure.

We particularly like the durability of this faucet as it boasts a construction that is sure to see you through many uses while withstanding regular use.

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BEST VALUE: Moen “Brantford” Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Things to Like:

  • Affordable price, this is an ideal option for those with a restricted budget
  • Offering long-lasting use, this faucet is backed with a lifetime warranty should you experience any issues
  • It is WaterSense certified to ensure that pressure isn’t compromised for performance
  • Wideset design for those with limited bathroom configuration options
  • It boasts a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing design

As a widespread bathroom faucet, this unit has three separate components that are individually installed in the sink – be sure to measure carefully to ensure that this wideset design will fit into your bathroom space. Installation is compatible with a spread of 8″ to 16″.

The central component is the spout with two additional handles that are responsible for controlling the temperature using the designated levers.

Just like other faucets from the brand, there are multiple finishes available; brushed nickel, chrome, and oil rubbed bronze.

While the other two color options offer a unique look, the chrome faucet has a mirror appeal that is likely to compliment the theme of your bathroom.

Something we particularly like about this faucet is that it is equipped with a Moen MPACT Common valve system and this allows you to upgrade the style of your faucet as your taste changes without needing to replace the plumbing mechanisms.

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RUNNER UP: Moen “Gibson” One-handle Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

Things to Like:

  • Compliant with ADA specifications making it suitable for a range of users
  • Available in two finish options which cater to different bathroom decors
  • Affordably priced this faucet is great value for money
  • It is easy to clean which allows for easier maintenance and prolonged use
  • The lever mechanism is easy to use for smooth operation

When compared to other offerings from the brand, this bathroom faucet boasts a more simplistic design. The one-handle lever is responsible for controlling the temperature and water pressure.

Just like our previous picks from the brand, this faucet is available in two finish options. The chrome finish resembles the appearance of a mirror that is sure to complement the majority of bathroom interiors. Additionally, there is also a spot resist brushed nickel option that provides a more rustic and unique option.

As for installation, this faucet boasts a centerset design that is 4 inches in size allowing for easy installation. The spout reach also has a 4.5″ projection and adopts a deck-mounted installation method.

Thanks to the aerated flow, this faucet is suitable for the completion of everyday tasks whether this is brushing teeth, washing hands, or conducting regular cleaning tasks in which you require the use of water.

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RUNNER UP: Moen “Adler” One-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Things to Like:

  • The lever mechanism is smooth which allows for easy use
  • It is a nice, sleek addition to smaller bathroom spaces
  • It is easy to install and comes with detailed instructions
  • This faucet is available in multiple finish options to suit different themes
  • It is backed with a lifetime warranty which covers you should you experience any issues

As a single hole mount faucet, this unit is intended to be installed via 1 or 3 holes so you can choose according to the set up of your sink.

Unlike our previous picks, this faucet boasts a single handle design that is solely responsible for controlling the temperature and pressure of the water.

This faucet is ADA compliant, requiring a minimal amount of pressure to be used. Likewise, it is also WaterSense Certified which maintains the performance without compromising on the pressure.

Boasting a durable and sleek design, this faucet is made from metal which is likely to see you through many uses. The handle is also situated at the top of the faucet which allows for easy access.

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Buyer’s Guide

Moen offers many bathroom faucets to cater to different styles, budgets, and sink setups and so selecting the best option for your needs can appear challenging.

Below, we have identified some factors to consider along with our top tips for selecting the best faucet for your bathroom.

The Type of Faucet

It isn’t the case that all bathroom faucets are the same, although some may appear similar. It is important to consider the depth of your sink as this will determine what type of faucet you can install. Be sure to measure the reach of the spout; it needs to be long enough to project the water stream into the sink.

The type of faucet is also going to affect how it looks too. A centerset bathroom faucet adopts a traditional look with a hot and cold mechanism on either side of the tap and a central spout that projects the water.

A widespread faucet can be an excellent touch to contemporary bathrooms with a sleek design, a widespread faucet comes with three individual parts; the spout and two separate water controls.

A single hole faucet typically has one or two handles and tends to be more compact. Those with a single handle operate the hot and cold water using a single lever.

A vessel faucet is compatible with vessel sinks and they typically sit higher than others and sport a single handle design.

The Style of the Faucet Handles

There are a variety of different style and control options available that allow you to choose according to how you want your bathroom to look.

Single-handle faucets control the water output and pressure through a single handle.

Cross handles also tend to be a popular and classic option that has been complimenting the interior decor of bathrooms for years.

Lever handles are also a popular option that are typically purchased in an X shape although they are available in many styles.

Moen manufactures faucets that come in a range of styles so you can choose the handle that you are going to find easier to use and you feel is going to compliment the style of your bathroom.

The Color and Finish

Bathroom faucets are available in a range of colors and finishes and so you can select the color that coordinates with the theme of your bathroom.

Many specific styles of Moen bathroom faucets are available in a variety of colors so you can have the style that you want in the color that you desire.

Some offer a more unique and rustic look while others are more modern. It is necessary to consider the finish too, some are going to be easier to clean than others.


Installing the faucet to your bathroom sink should be a straightforward process, you don’t want to be spending hours trying to figure out which part goes where.

You are likely to find that your chosen bathroom faucet can be assembled using some common tools.

The holes are also going to determine how it is going to be secured to your sink so you must choose a faucet that is compatible with your bathroom setup.

Some faucets will have a singular hole while others have multiple holes that provide versatility in allowing you to adopt the installation that is best suited to your needs.

The Quality

Quality is very important as it can influence the longevity of your purchase. A tap that is made using poor quality materials is likely to be more susceptible to developing rust and mold.

Your bathroom faucet is going to be used daily so it needs to do much more than boast a pleasing design as it must be durable enough to withstand this regular use without becoming damaged.

The quality of the levers is also important as you don’t want them to deteriorate as this can affect how easy the faucet is to use.

Many Moen faucets also come with draining and so it is necessary to consider the quality of these components to ensure that they fulfill their purpose.

The Price

You should expect most Moen bathroom faucets to retail within excess of $100. While some are more costly than this, others remain closely within this price range.

It is worth having a budget in mind before browsing the market so that you can cater your search to suit this.

Moen caters to a range of budgets accommodating those who do not wish to spend hundreds on their purchase and others that are looking to make more of a hefty investment in their faucet.

Often with quality comes a price, hence why many of their faucets retail within a higher price range. It is important to ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality for affordability.

We have included a variety in our guide to highlight the different options that are available to you.

The Warranty

It is advisable to opt for a faucet that is covered by a warranty as this provides assurance should you be dissatisfied with your purchase or experience any issues with the product.

Most Moen products are covered by their warranty that provides help and rectification to any issues that you may have.

The length of the warranty is often a reflection of the manufacturer’s confidence in the products that they produce and so those with a longer warranty are likely to boast a more high-quality construction and design.

ADA Compliant

When browsing through the selection of Moen faucets you will find that the specifications of many states that they are ADA compliant.

This essentially means that the faucet can be used by exerting less than 5 lbs of force. As such the possibility of straining or twisting your wrist is eliminated.

It also means that the tap is suitable for use and easy to operate by individuals of different abilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Moen a good faucet brand?

Moen has gained a reputation as one of the best large scale manufacturers of faucets.

Known for their innovation and creation of beautifully designed products the quality and durability of their faucets excel.

Why are Moen bathroom faucets so expensive?

Moen bathroom faucets tend to retail within a higher price range and this is because of the material that is used to construct them.

Of course, there are likely to be some budget-friendly options but along with a reputable brand comes a higher price tag.