The Best Smart Toilet: Intelligence For Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are becoming more and more luxurious. Considered a private space (although also a shared space with family members), the bathroom is where many of us spend our only time alone in a day. Having luxurious features, such as the best smart toilet, in that space makes that private, alone time, even better!

Best Smart Toilet

  1. Kohler K-5401-PA-0 – bold, minimalistic design gives a modern look to this smart toilet
  2. Ove Decors SMART TOILET – a high quality smart toilet at an affordable price
  3. Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest – a full service smart toilet

What Is A Smart Toilet?

Smart toilets are the next evolution in personal toilet care. With built-in smart technology, they are able to sense a person approaching to lift the lid, warm the seat to the perfect temperature, provide warm water spray washing, air drying, and automatic flushing. Now that’s smart!!

Best Smart Toilet Features

Smart toilets have features that you won’t find on your run-of-the-mill toilet; this is what makes them both ‘smart’ and special. If you’re going to invest in a toilet like this, here are some features you should look for:

  • Automatic Lid. A toilet that senses you are approaching and lifts the lid for you. To me, that is luxury, especially if it will close automatically when I leave also.
  • Seat Warming. Most smart toilets have seat warming, but the smartest of the smart have multiple heat settings so the seat will warm to your specifications.
  • Warm Water Wash. The bidet features of smart toilets may not be the coolest part (I think that goes to auto-lid lifting), but they are the most useful. A warm water spray of adjustable pressure is one of the best features.
  • Air Dryer. An air dryer in your toilet almost eliminates the need for toilet paper. Talk about environmentally friendly!
  • Auto-flushing. A convenient feature (especially if you have young children who constantly ‘forget’ to flush) – auto-flushing is a feature that you will wonder how you did without it.
  • Night Light. No more bright bathroom lights in the middle of the night. Smart toilets outfitted with LED lighting offer a soft glow that will mean you hardly even have to wake up.

How Much Is A Smart Toilet?

Smart toilets are definitely an investment; the ones we review here start at $1000 and run to more than $5000. They are a solid fixture that will be a feature in your bathroom; one that will stand up to repeated use for many years to come.

Most of the comfort features of smart toilets are in the bidet functions that they include. Another, more affordable, option is to replace your existing toilet seat with an electric bidet toilet seat. While not quite as ‘smart’ as these toilets, they offer all the bidet functions that smart toilets offer. Check out our reviews of the best electric bidet toilet seats and see for yourself.

Kohler Smart Toilet: Kohler K-5401-PA-0

Kohler K-5401-PA-0
  • Comfort Height offers chair-height seating (ADA Compliant)
  • Compact, streamlined 1-piece toilet with integrated bidet
  • Heated toilet seat with automated lid opening
  • Dual flush offers a choice of 0. 8 or 1. 28 GPF
  • Bold, minimalist, design
  • Automatic flushing

Things to Like:

  • Full bidet features; warm water spray, heated seat, adjustable water pressure
  • Touchscreen remote
  • Automatic flushing
  • LED night lighting
  • Automatic lid opening and closing

Kohler is one of the leaders in bathroom fixtures in North America. They consistently produce great quality products and, with this entry into the smart toilet market, they are showing that introducing technology to the bathroom experience is just good business.

The bold, minimalistic design of this smart toilet simplifies its look for the modern bathroom but doesn’t skimp on the features that make it a great investment. It features all the functions you would expect from a bidet such as warm water wash, heated seat, and adjustable water pressure. Pump assisted flushing ensures powerful waste removal while also limiting the amount of water used per flush. Automated lid opening/closing, LED night lighting, and automated flushing makes the night-time bathroom trip a little easier too.

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Ove Smart Toilet: Ove Decors SMART TOILET

  • 'Smart electronic remote
  • Warm water and air wash
  • Water consumption of 4.8 lpf (1.28 gpf)
  • Built-in memory regulates water and seat settings per person
  • Water pressure and temperature adjustability
  • Quiet flushing

Things to Like:

  • Low flow, quiet, flushing
  • Smart electronic remote with individual settings
  • Low power mode – for lower electrical bills
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure in the bidet
  • Air drying

Ove Decor is a relative newcomer to the market (but still…15 years!) producing high quality designs at affordable prices. Their smart toilet ticks all the boxes for luxury and will make your wallet happy.

The automatic flush is also a low flow flush using only the amount of water needed to flush waste away. It also has a manual button in case of power outages – the toilet will still be flushable. An electronic remote has a number of individual specific settings; meaning that you can customize your experience at the touch of a button. LED night-lighting means no more fumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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Toto Smart Toilet: Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest

Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest
  • Double Cyclone Flushing system
  • Decorative one-piece with skirted design and high profile tank
  • Elongated front bowl with SoftClose seat
  • Cyclone siphon jet flushing system, ultra-high efficiency (1.0GPF/3.8LPF and 0.8GPF/3.0LPF)
  • Convenient remote control
  • Hands-Free Automatic Flush
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Gentle, aerated water spray with accommodating oscillating and pulsating features

Things to Like:

  • Hands free automatic flush
  • Temperature controlled heated seat
  • Warm water, aerated, cleansing spray
  • Heated, soft-close, seat
  • Ultra high efficiency jet flushing system

Japan is the birthplace of the modern, smart toilet; innovation that was largely developed by the Japanese company TOTO. This company knows what they’re doing when it comes to understanding what a smart toilet should be.

This is a full service, smart toilet. It senses you approaching and lifts the lid, the seat is warmed to the perfect temperature for a comfortable experience. When you’re ready, a quick push of a button on the remote control will start the washing function you choose; front or rear, pulsating or oscillating, warm or cool. Then a warm air dry and, finally, an automatic powerful flush to remove all waste quickly an easily. It is missing nothing.

Honestly, you should check out the reviews. People who are actually using this toilet can’t say enough good things!

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Do We Really NEED Our Toilets To Be Smart?

Our homes really have become refuges from the world. A place where we can relax, be comfortable, and enjoy the space that we’ve made for ourselves. Do we really NEED out toilets to be smart? No, but the functions and features that these fixtures offer make the bathroom experience a better, more relaxing one, and that has to count for something.

Best Bidet Toilet Combo

Other not-quite-as-smart toilet options include toilets with smart flushing technology and bidet functions combined. Read out reviews of some of the best bidet toilet combos here.


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