The Best Toilet Seat For Toddler Boy: Helping Him Grow Into A ‘Big Boy’

It’s a big moment, and a big commitment, when you decide that it’s time to toilet train your son. My best advice is to make sure that your calendar is relatively free – so that you can stay home where everyone is comfortable and no-one is rushed – and to use motivational rewards to make him want to use the toilet like a ‘big boy’. Finding the best toilet seat for toddler boy will help too. Find one that’s comfortable, easy to use, and maybe a little bit fun to help the transition.

Best Toilet Seat For Toddler Boy

The best toilet seat for your toddler boy is one that he will want to use, can use easily, and will make the challenge of toilet training easier on you and him. It’s definitely a challenge, but worth it once you’re all on the other side and there are no more diapers to change or clean.

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Potty Seat vs Potty Chair

One of the first things to decide, after determining that your boy is ready for toilet training, is whether a potty seat or a potty chair is the best tool for the job. Deciding between the two really comes down to your plan for toilet training; do you want the potty to always be available, or do you want your toddler to go to the bathroom to use the toilet?

What is a Potty Seat?

A potty seat is a child sized toilet seat that is either attached to, or fits into, a standard toilet seat. This reinforces going to the bathroom, and the use of the toilet, so that there is no need to transition from a potty to the toilet.

The potty seat is small enough for a child to be comfortable on it and can be lifted up to reveal the regular toilet seat for adult use; a perfect combination for multi-generational families. Some potty seats have ladders or steps attached too to help pint-sized users climb up. A small step stool kept in the bathroom can also be used. Either way, the goal is to be able to climb up onto the toilet independently eventually.

What is a Potty Chair?

Potty chairs are what are traditionally referred to as ‘potties’. They are separate from the toilet and can be used anywhere in the house.

Families that use the ‘always available’ method of toilet training prefer using a potty chair as it means that the toilet is always nearby when the need arises. Potty chairs are usually child-centric; fun, brightly colored, and playful to encourage children to want to use them.

Using a potty chair also means transitioning to a regular toilet at some point. Usually this involves moving the potty chair to the bathroom for regular use, and then moving to using the regular toilet (perhaps with a potty seat attached) at some point.

Toilet Training Seats

Toilet training seats fit on top of your existing toilet seat making it smaller, and more comfortable, for little bums. They are usually shaped a little to cradle your child and help them stay sitting securely on the toilet. Look for one that has a splash guard in the front to prevent spraying and splashing while learning.

Jools Baby Potty Training Seat

Things to Like:

  • Molded design holds onto toddler while using toilet
  • Fits on top of a standard toilet seat
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Includes hook for quick and easy storage

This training seat is a winner for so many reasons. It’s minimalist design makes it easy to use but also easy to clean as there are no nooks and crannies to have to reach into; it can simply be wiped down. The molded design is comfortable to sit on and holds little ones in place. It fits securely within the toilet seat opening and has a rubber grip to keep it in place with even the wiggliest toddler on it.

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Prince Lionheart Weepod Toilet Trainer

Things to Like:

  • Side handles provide a secure seating position
  • Large splash guard keeps pee in the toilet where it should be
  • Molded design is comfortable
  • Stays on the toilet securely

Prince Lionheart makes a toilet training seat that’s comfortable, secure, and has a large enough splash guard so that toddler boys won’t splash pee out the front. The handles on the side are a great addition to this model. They make it easier to climb onto and off of and add a little bit of security in keeping them on the toilet. The antimicrobial coating makes it easy to keep clean.

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Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

Things to Like:

  • Non skid edges create a secure fit onto the toilet seat
  • Built in handles for added security
  • Molded design for comfort

Sitting securely on top of your existing toilet seat, the Munchkin Potty Seat is easy to attach and remove when it’s time for your toddler to use the toilet. The handles provide stability and safety while seated, and the splash guard ensures that pee stays in the toilet. It has a one-piece, molded design; it’s very comfortable with no pinching or scratching. It’s also slim enough to fit into a diaper bag to take with you – don’t leave toilet training at home!

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Toilet Seat With Toddler Seat

These toilet seats with toddler seats integrated into them are the most streamlined version of the toilet training seats. They definitely help transition into the ‘big boy’ stage of toilet training; teaching them to use a toilet seat that’s just like what Mummy and Daddy use.

The benefits of this design are its built in design – no need to attach and remove the potty seat, simply put it up and down like a regular seat. Most models can be converted to a ‘normal’ toilet seat once toilet training is complete – the smaller, inner, toilet seat can be removed.

Summer Infant 2-in-1 Potty Training Seat

Things to Like:

  • Space saving 2-in-1 design
  • Replaces existing toilet seat
  • Fits round shaped toilets
  • Easy transition to using the toilet

The child-sized toilet seat on this model doesn’t just sit inside the adult seat – it fits on top providing a large and stable sitting surface for little ones. The smaller hole will help them feel secure as it fits their bottom without fear of sliding in. It’s easy for adults and children to use – simple flip the child seat up or down and use as normal.

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MayFair Seat With Built-In Training Seat

Things to Like:

  • Toddler seat secures to the underside of the adult seat magnetically
  • Slow close seat
  • Sta-Tite system means a secure fit; no slipping and sliding
  • Removable toilet seat for easy cleaning

One of the best things about toilet seats with toddler trainers is that the adult version of the toilet seat is comfortable and well made. Mayfair makes ‘regular’ toilet seats and, in this version, have added a toddler trainer seat so that the whole family can use it.

There are some concerns, with other models, that the toddler seat won’t stay up when the adult version is in use. Mayfair has solved that problem by holding the toddler seat to the lid magnetically so it won’t fall or tilt out of position when not being used. Brilliant!

This model also features a slow close seat – no more slamming toilet seats in the middle of the night! It’s Sta-Tite system also ensures that the toilet seat stays securely on the porcelain toilet bowl; no more slipping and sliding. Plus the whole toilet seat is easily removed for a thorough clean.

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Topseat Tiny-Hiney Potty Seat

Things to Like:

  • Toddler seat flips up and is held by magnets for easy storage
  • Safe and secure toddler ring
  • Chrome hinges add style while ensuring the toilet seat is secured to the toilet
  • Comfortable design

This is a sturdy 2-in-1 model with design elements that will look good in your bathroom. The chrome hinges will match other chrome fixtures, plus they ensure a secure fastening to the toilet.

As will other models, the toddler seat flips up to reveal the adult opening; this one is held in the toilet lid by magnets making storage an easy option.

But…it’s the name that sells me. Tiney hiney…I love it! 🙂

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Kohler Transitions Potty Trainer with Nightlight

Things to Like:

  • A brand name toilet seat with toddler seat attachment
  • Soft nightlight for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips
  • Quiet Close lid closes slowly and quietly
  • Comfortable and secure toddler seat

This is a quality, name brand, toilet seat that has a toddler seat integrated into the design. Kohler has been making plumbing and bathroom fixtures for more than 125 years; they know a thing or two about all things toilets!

The toddler seat on this model is not just an insert within the adult opening. It’s an entire toilet seat, with a smaller opening, that flips down on top of the adult seat. This makes for a comfortable and secure sitting platform with no room for pinching fingers. The Grip Tight bumpers ensure that the seat stays put with no slipping and sliding.

Plus it has a nightlight!! A soft glow that guides you to it in the night without needing to turn on the bright, overhead light. Whether you’re a child or an adult you will appreciate not having to completely wake up in order to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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Toddler Toilet Seat With Steps

One of the barriers to toddlers using the toilet by themselves is that they are too small to get up there by themselves. These toddler toilet seat with steps solve that problem handily; they have step ladders attached so your little one can easily climb up.

Now, of course, you should never leave your toddler unattended in the bathroom but watching them graduate to being able to go to the bathroom completely independently is a proud moment!

Primo Freedom Toilet Trainer

Things to Like:

  • Steps and toddler seat are attached and easily fold away for storage
  • Splash guard keeps pee in the toilet
  • Sits on the toilet bowl, not the toilet seat, so won’t mar the adult seat

This toddler seat and steps combination is easy to install. Simply lift up the adult seat and place the toddler seat directly on the bowl. The steps/ladder are sturdy and have handles at the top so your little one can hold on and feel safe and secure.

There is a splash guard in the front to prevent accidents. The entire combination is made of molded plastic and is lightweight, and easy to clean.

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SKYROKU Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder

Things to Like:

  • Anti-slip pads under ladder
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fits over top of adult toilet seat
  • Comfortable molded design with padded seat

This is a lightweight model that has a sturdy design. The ladder stays put with the help of anti slip pads, ensuring a safe and stable climb up. The molded plastic design is comfortable and has a padded seat embedded to make it soft for little bottoms.

It’s also easy to attach and remove, and fold up to sit against a wall for easy storage.

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IntelligentBaby Potty Training Seat with Steps

Things to Like:

  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Adjustable step for toddlers as they grow
  • Comfortable, padded, toddler seat
  • Splash guard

This is a sturdy model with and adjustable, full step sized, ladder attached. The handles at the top of the steps help little people climb up on their own, and the molded plastic seat is padded to be more comfortable.

It has a splash guard in front to keep pee in the toilet, and a raised back to help keep them comfortable while learning to use the toilet. Easily attached and removed, it can be folded up for easy storage near the toilet.

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Fisher Price Potty Seat

Fisher Price is one of the leading companies in creating children’s toys and care products. Their products are well made, are loved by children everywhere, and bring fun and comfort to all they produce.

Fisher Price Perfect Fit Potty Ring

Things to Like:

  • Molded comfortable seat
  • Integrated splash guard
  • Easy to attach and remove from toilet
  • Brand name reliability

This is one of the most highly reviewed toddler toilet seats on the market. It’s one piece design includes handles to hold on to and feel safe and secure, and a splash guard in the front to ensure that pee stays in the toilet where it belongs.

It fits snugly into the regular toilet seat and the handle in the rear makes it easy to attach and remove. It includes a hook for easy storage either on the toilet, or on a nearby wall.

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Baby Bjorn Potty Seat

Baby Bjorn was born out of a desire to make products that worked for families. They are a tried, and tested, brand who continue to live up to their original mandate. Their toddler toilet seats are simply designed, comfortable, and well regarded by parents everywhere.

Things to Like:

  • Simple, ergonomic, molded design
  • Fits simply and easily onto existing toilet seat
  • Stores easily on included hook
  • Comfortable for toddlers to use

Baby Bjorn believes that a toddler training seat should make it easy for children to transition from diapers to toilet. Their potty seat is comfortable and easy to use – so your child will want to use it and won’t be frustrated, or anxious about it.

A soft, ergonomically designed, seat is comfortable and safe-feeling for those just getting used to being on the ‘big toilet’. It fits securely to the existing toilet seat and provides handles for little ones to hold onto. The handle on the back of the seat makes it quick and easy to remove and it can be stored on the included hook. Simple, safe, and easy.

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Tips For Potty Training Boys

Potty training toddler boys is different than potty training girls. I, as much as the next person, want there to be gender equality and neutrality, but boys are boys and girls are girls and the sheer biologic differences mean that potty training is somewhat different.

When To Start

Only you can know when your toddler is ready to use the toilet. He needs to show some interest, be able to communicate when he needs to go, and be willing to try. Some children are ready as early as 14-18 months (my mother claims I was toilet trained at 13 months as she was pregnant and wasn’t going to have TWO children in diapers! I’m not sure how true that actually is. :)) – while others are closer to three years before it’s time.

You’ll also need to make sure that you have enough time to dedicate to the task. You have to be vigilant and able to react whenever your toddler needs to go. A relaxed schedule and open calendar means that everyone will have time to settle in and learn how it will all go.

Make It Easy

Don’t try to instil too many rules. Try letting him hang around naked, or in just underwear, for a few days so that it’s easy to get onto the toilet quickly when the need arises. Plan for lots of false starts, and accidents, to start with.

You’ve probably already spent plenty of time in the bathroom with an audience. Now is the time to make that time meaningful; explain what you’re doing and how you know that it’s something you need to do. Children learn by soaking up the ordinary and by watching what you say and do.

A Comfortable Seat

Find a toilet training seat that will work for your toddler and stick with it. Whether you choose a molded toilet training seat, or an integrated toddler seat, finding something comfortable and secure will help your child want to use the toilet. Usually a seat with handles, and a comfortable, molded design is best; this design best matches other seats they are used to and helps them feel safe and secure.

Sit, Then Stand

While, traditionally, men stand while urinating, it’s not a natural position to start in. Boys will notice that the men in their lives stand while peeing, and may want to emulate this, but it is easier (and less messy) if they first learn to use the toilet while sitting. Understanding how their body feels, and how to control it, is a messy affair and figuring it out while sitting is easiest. Once peeing while sitting is accomplished, then moving to the coordination of standing can be started.

Encourage, Reward, and Celebrate

The best advice regarding potty training boys is to encourage, reward, and celebrate.

Encourage them to listen to their bodies to start to understand when they need to use the bathroom. What does it feel like? How can they know they need to go? When does this happen? Where do they feel it? How can they know that it’s time to go to the toilet?

Reward behaviour that moves toward learning. Read books together that teach about potty training. Gift special ‘big boy’ underwear to signify the milestone. Find a potty seat that is comfortable, safe, and secure that he will want to use.

And finally, celebrate ALL the wins no matter how small. If he recognizes he has to go, celebrate (even if he doesn’t make it to the toilet). If he climbs up onto the toilet (even if he doesn’t have to go), celebrate! If he manages to pee even the smallest bit, celebrate!

It’s a big change for a child to move from peeing freely to understanding that he can control it. It takes a lot of work and energy (from everyone!) but, in the end, it’s worth it!


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