17 Fun Toilet Decals: An Easy Way to Decorate Your Toilet

We don’t often think about the toilet when we think of bathroom decor. It’s generally considered a fixture and is treated as such; a functional part of a bathroom that, at best, will blend in with the rest of the room. It doesn’t have to be this way! Toilet decals can add a fun, practical, and decorative element to your bathroom.

How Toilet Decals Can Help Decorate Your Bathroom

Toilet decals are a fun and easy way to help decorate your toilet seat; there are many themes available and they are easy to apply and remove. All you have to do is find one that fits your style.

Many Themes Available

With so many themes available, you are bound to find something that fits the look and feel that you are going for in your decorating style. Whether you’re looking for something seasonal, an aspirational quote, some instructional lessons, something funny, or something to help your kids want to use the toilet – there’s something for everyone.

Easy to Apply

Vinyl toilet decals are super easy to apply. Simply ensure that the surface is clean, grease-free, and dry and apply according to the instructions. You can also cut them to fit whichever surface you like.

Easy to Remove

Toilet decals are not permanent; they are easy to remove for seasonal changes or to clean more thoroughly. The vinyl film simply lifts off the toilet and can often be reused.

Seasonal Toilet Decals

The funnest part about toilet decals is the ability to update your bathroom decor according to season.

Currently Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are on the horizon, but soon it will be Easter and then 4th of July – a great way to keep your bathroom up to date.


Peek-a-boo Kitty Toilet Tattoo TT-H702-O Elongated Halloween Seaonsal

This cute Halloween pumpkin and black cat set the perfect Halloween theme. I’m not a scary Halloween person but, if you are, check out the rest of the selection at Toilet Tattoo – they have some pretty creepy options!!


Bountiful Harvest Toilet Tattoo TT-1112-O Elongated Winter Holiday

A celebration to spend with family and friends; makes me think of cozy times, warm fires, and delicious smells coming from the kitchen. Adding a bit of decor in the bathroom continues that feeling.


Toilet Tattoos TT-X622-O The 3 Christmasteers Design Toilet Seat Applique, Elongated

Christmas is such a fun time. Kids, and adults alike, are excited to find out what Santa left under the tree. Don’t forget to continue your Christmas decorating in the bathroom too; Christmas themed towels, soaps. and toilet decals make this space festive too!


Easter Chicks Toilet Tattoo TT-E712-R Round Bunny Rabbit

Daffodil fields, Easter egg hunts, and the promise of spring. It’s time to throw off winter and celebrate the coming season. Gather your family and make your bathroom as bright and breezy as the coming spring.

4th of July

Stars and Stripes Toilet Tattoo TT-J800-O Elongated 4th of July Seasonal

A summer celebration filled with fun, family, BBQ’s, and fireworks. Our last highlighted holiday, but you get the idea; your toilet doesn’t have to be left out when you’re decorating for any holiday in the year.

Humorous and Whimsical Toilet Decals

A little humour can go a long way, and the bathroom is the perfect spot to place a little bit of fun.


Homefind Toilet Seat Decals Cute Three Flamingos are Walking on The Beach Removable Waterproof Toilet Seat Wall Stickers for Washroom Bathroom Shower Room Decors 11.8

Who doesn’t love flamingos? A touch of whimsy and colour can brighten anybody’s day, or night. 🙂

Rubber Ducks

Rubber Ducky White TT-4000-O Elongated Whimsical Cover Bathroom

Little yellow rubber ducks are a perfect bathroom theme. I had a rubber rubber duck soap dispenserwhen I was a kid; I loved it! This toilet decal would have made me a very, very happy little girl.

Kraken Tentacles

Edvoynlm Kraken Tentacles Toilet Decal, Decal, Sticker, Toilet Sticker, Toilet Decal, Bathroom, Bathroom Decal, Octopus, Kraken, Tentacle (4.7'' x 10'', Set of 2)

This one is my absolute favorite! I love how it seems as though the Kraken is escaping from the toilet tank. Such a simple concept and a great image.

Put The Seat Down!

These are an amusing way to remind family members to pay attention to what they’re doing and to put the seat down when done.

Close The Lid

Vinyl Wall Art Decal - Set of Flush The Toilet and Close The Lid - from 7

Short, sweet, and to the point. A simple reminder to close the lid.

Put Me Down

SNNplapla Put Me Down Fluorescent Sticker Decal Vinyl Sticker Sign Reminder for Home Wall Toilet Seat Decor

Glow in the dark!! A great hint, even in the darkness of night.

Toilet Rules

WINOMO Toilet Rules Decals Bathroom Art Wall Quote Stickers Removable Wall Decals Decoration

If you lift it…If it runs out…If you miss…If you’re finished…If it smells. A humorous little note that is both whimsical and instructional. Also, a great example of how a toilet decal can be placed on a wall, or other surface, as a decorative element.

Toilet Decals for Kids

Toilet training can be a trying time; for both kids and parents. But making it a fun trip to the bathroom can turn the corner in getting your toddler interested in using the toilet.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business TT-1056-R Round Whimsical Kids Cover Bathroom

A mischievous bunch of monkeys sets the tone for a fun time in the bathroom. Apply this toilet decal to the underside of the toilet lid for a fun image to see while toilet training boys.

Funny Toilet Monster

Toilet Monster Bathroom wall art decal sticker funny kids vinyl decal potty training

A cute monster friend for your toddler as they learn to use the bathroom.

Smiley Face

Potelin Removable Waterproof Cute Smile Face Wall Decor Toilet Closestool Sticker Decal Durable and Useful

Name this friendly guy (Hubert? Johnny? Melvin?) and your toddler will always be ready to visit.

For The Lake House, Cottage, or Cabin

Lake house, cottage, or cabin? What do you call a rustic vacation spot where you live? In my neck of the woods we’ve always called it a cabin, but I know that further east it’s called a cottage, and I don’t know where a ‘lake house’ is found. Either way, these cozy spots are often decorated with an outdoor, rustic, theme that is fun to take into the bathroom too.


WHAT ON EARTH Exclusive It's a Squirrel! Toilet Seat Lid Tattoo Cover - Oval

While you wouldn’t actually want to see this little guy inside, he’ll likely illicit a giggle or two over the summer.

Gone Fishing

Bathroom Toilet Sticker Decal - Stick Figure Fishing - Funny Fun Home Decor

How about a fishing theme? Think he’ll catch anything? 😉

Classic Outhouse

Toilet Tattoos TT-JK01-O Outhouse Watercolor Decorative Applique for Toilet Lid, Elongated

A classic, old-timey image to make your cottage (or cabin, or lake house, or fishing shack) even more quaint and cozy.


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