The Best Touchless Bathroom Faucets: Hygienic Hand Washing Made Easy

I’ve always wondered why I have to touch the bathroom faucet with my dirty hands in order to turn the water on. Then, once my hands are clean, I have to touch the now dirty faucet to turn the water off. It just has never made sense to me. If there are touchless bathroom faucets in public washrooms, why can’t we have them at home?

Touchless Bathroom Faucets At Home

Turns out, we can!! While hands free faucets used to be used mostly in industrial settings, there are a few companies who are now producing faucets for home use. With a softer and more modern feel, these versions fit into home bathroom decor and provide a more hygienic way of hand washing.

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Benefits of Touchless Bathroom Faucets

A hands-free bathroom faucet offers numerous benefits:

  • Better Hygiene. Not having to touch the taps to turn the water on is a huge benefit. If you’re going to wash your hands, they are obviously dirty; touching the tap to get water seems counter intuitive. With hands-free faucets, the water runs automatically allowing you to wash your hands without touching anything.
  • Convenience. Place your hands under the faucet and the water turns on automatically. Now, that’s convenience! No more trying to awkwardly turn the tap on with your dirty hands. It really is a better way for faucets to function.
  • Cleanliness. With no dirty hands turning the faucet on and no wet hands turning it off, the faucet stays much cleaner for much longer. That means less time spent cleaning; and who doesn’t like that?

How Do Touchless Bathroom Faucets Work?

Hands-free bathroom faucets are motion sensor controlled. A sensor is located below the water outlet; it senses when you place your hands nearby and turns the water on automatically.

The temperature of the water is controlled by a mixing device so it is always the perfect temperature. You set this during installation – it can be adjusted if you find it is too hot or too cold.

Where To Install A Touchless Bathroom Faucet

This faucet can be installed in most bathrooms that have a vanity. The motion sensor, mixing valve, and battery pack need to be hidden away; they don’t take up much space but tucking them in a vanity is best.

Minimalist bathroom with ultra-modern lines and no vanity will be a challenge as there is nowhere to ‘hide’ the hardware that the touchless faucet requires. All is not lost though; it would be possible to tuck the hardware within the walls, it would just be a wee bit more work.

How To Install A Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Installing a touchless bathroom faucet is relatively simple, especially with the way faucets are designed today.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the existing faucet.
  2. Undo the hose connections to the water supply.
  3. Loosen the nut/bolt combination that holds the existing faucet in place.
  4. Remove the existing faucet and hoses.
  5. Clean the area surrounding to ensure a proper seal with the new faucet.
  6. Put the new faucet in place; threading the hoses through the holes in the sink to down below.
  7. Install the battery pack/mixing valve under the vanity but nearby the water supply.
  8. Attach the hot and cold water supply to the mixing valve as well as the hose to the faucet itself.
  9. Set the water temperature; this is the temperature of the water that will flow when the faucet turns on automatically.
  10. Tighten all fasteners.
  11. Test the motion sensor to see that it turns the water on automatically.

Top 5 Touchless Bathroom Faucet Reviews

1. CharmingWater Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Things to Like:

It’s still the early days of touchless faucets in home bathrooms. Many models can feel a little industrial, but this version has an elegant curve and nice modern feel that will fit nicely into any home bathroom.

Installation is super easy and a deck plate is included to cover up the second and third holes that are usually used in traditional faucet installation. This makes for a clean, professional look.

The ‘over sink’ reach of this faucet is good. Some faucets do not reach far enough over the sink and it can be difficult to get your hands under the water stream. This one has a nice reach offering plenty of room for hands and soap.

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2. Greenspring Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Things to Like:

This is the best value for a hands-free bathroom faucet. If you’re on a budget but still want to switch to a touchless faucet, then this is the one for you. The quality of the product remains very high; brass construction with chrome finishing means it is durable but also looks very nice.

The mixing valve allows you to set the water temperature and forget it. Every time the motion sensor is activated, the perfect temperature water will flow and will stop automatically also.

A great looking faucet at a great price.

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3. American Standard Innsbrook Hands Free Faucet

Things to Like:

American Standard has been in the plumbing business for 140 years. That means something when you’re looking for a quality product for your home.

This polished chrome model will bring a touch of modern to any bathroom, and its quality construction will likely outlast that bathroom. The care of American Standard to producing a long lasting product shows in details such as including a lithium battery (most other touchless faucets use AA batteries that are not included) that will last a long time before needing replacement.

An auto-on and auto-off motion sensor means no more worry about the sink overfilling, and the mixing valve ensures the perfect water temperature every time.

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4. Asani Touchless Automatic Bathroom Faucet

Things to Like:

This touchless bathroom faucet brings a touch of modern style to the bathroom. Its precise motion sensor means that the water won’t accidentally turn on and will turn off much more quickly; saving time and water.

A major benefit of this model is the water temperature control right next to the faucet. Most touchless faucets do allow you to set the water temperature, but it is done at the mixing valve down below the vanity; not very convenient for changing often. The lever right next to the faucet on the Asani model allows the water temperature to be changed frequently depending on the task you are using the water for.

The lifetime warranty means you never have to worry about it not working, and the strong brass construction ensures that it is unlikely you will ever need to use the lifetime warranty.

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5. Kohler Gooseneck Touchless Faucet

Things to Like:

This touchless faucet is perfect for a guest bathroom or powder room. The elegant gooseneck shape is perfect over a smaller sized sink often used in guest bathrooms. Often, these gooseneck designed faucets are cold water only, but this model from Kohler allows for water mixing at the faucet; a small handle attached to the faucet allows the user to change the water temperature.

Kohler is a trusted plumbing brand; manufacturing kitchen and bathroom elements that bring value, style, and reliability.

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Is A Touchless Bathroom Faucet Right For Your Family?

A touchless faucet is not the right choice for every situation but it can be very handy if:

  • You have young children who can’t reach the faucet to properly turn the water on and off
  • You have family members who ‘forget’ to turn the water off when finished
  • You want to increase hygiene and decrease touching of faucets with dirty hands
  • You want the convenience of hands free handwashing

There are plenty of reasons to install a hands free faucet, and plenty of options to find one that will fit your bathroom style.